6.3mm Old 1/4 Inch Male Insulated Crimp Terminals Gold Plated 10 Pieces MBD007i1


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10 Pieces

Good quality male crimps, they are not at all flimsy in design and will guarantee you a good connection. Take a good look at the photographs, we have tried to show just how well made they are.
If you need female crimps to go with these search for our item ID no….  MBD007i
Product : FASTON Series crimp on, and or solder 6.3mm plugs
Wire Size: AWG Min  22AWG
Wire Size: AWG Max  15AWG
Conductor Area: CSA  1.5mm²
Terminal Type : Male Quick Disconnect
Tab Size – Metric : 6.35mm x 0.81mm
Tab Size – Imperial : 0.25 x 0.032 (the old 1/4″)
Fit cable diameter: up to 2.5mm
Come complete with clear plastic insulating covers – giving excellent waterproofing and insulation.
Durable and easy to install.
The terminal is rolled and the seam is butted.
The seam is strong – under normal conditions of stress or wire pull it should not fail, the application of a little solder should ensure this.

Designed with full port barrel, ideal for difficult to crimp solid wires or stranded wires.

Suitable for audio/speaker cables, or any hobby or professional use where a good quality connection is required.

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