ABS Plastic Electronic Project Box (switch cut out) 36x28x13mm 4 pieces OL0292


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ABS Plastic Box

With cut out in lid.

Type T2

For Miniature electronic projects

Dimensions: 36x28x13mm

Walls are approx 1.5mm thick.

Please note these have a rectangular cut out in the lid (originally designed to accommodate a small rocker switch) measuring 28mm x 14mm

A  two part project box to house electronic circuits, of tough ABS plastic construction, the lid fits snuggly into a recessed bay on the base and can be permanantly fixed if required with a little strong adhesive. 

Their rugged yet simple features make them unobtrusive and ideal for domestic, commercial and office applications.

Should a larger quantity be required, e mail for quantity discounts. All purchases to be made through Ebay.

Available in black only.

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