Alps SKHVPHD010 Tactile Switch Vertical SPNO 6mm – Long Button 5 Pieces OM0780


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Vertical mount tactile switch 2 pin. 

PCB mount silver plated contacts.

5 pieces

Operating force 1.57N

Operating life 5mA 5Vdc – 500,000 cycles

Supplied with radial taping. 

For operating various electronic devices such as audio devices, office equipment, communication devices, TVs, video recorders, etc. ●

For Alps datasheet copy and paste:-

Single pole normally open push to make. 

  Dimensions 6 x 6mm with a long actuator button (5.5mm) 


The switch has 2 connection pins either side of the 6mm x 6mm body, with a separate earthing pin.

The button sits approx 4.3mm above the PCB surface and is a long (5.5mm) conical shape.

It points directly upwards when switch is mounted flat on PCB.

 These come in a taped strip of 5 pieces.


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