AMD AD847AQ Hi Speed Low Power Monolithic Op Amp 8 Pin DIL Ceramic 1 off OMA012


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 Advanced Micro Devices

High Speed, Low Power Monolithic Op Amp


8 Pin DIL Ceramic

1 piece


Manufacturer:Analog Devices Inc.Product Category:Precision AmplifiersRoHS:NoNumber of Channels:1 ChannelGBP – Gain Bandwidth Product:30 MHzSR – Slew Rate:200 V/us at +/- 5 VCMRR – Common Mode Rejection Ratio:95 dBIb – Input Bias Current:5 uAVos – Input Offset Voltage:500 uVSupply Voltage – Max:36 VSupply Voltage – Min:9 VSupply Current per Channel:5.3 mAMaximum Operating Temperature:+ 125 CMinimum Operating Temperature:- 55 CMounting Style:Through HolePackage/Case:CDIP-8Packaging:TubeBrand:Analog Devicesen – Input Voltage Noise Density:15 nV/sqrt Hz at +/- 15 VPd – Power Dissipation:1100 mWProduct:Precision AmplifiersPSRR – Power Supply Rejection Ratio:86 dBSeries:AD847Shutdown:No Shutdown

CDIP 8 Package as above

The listing header photograph shows the actual parts for sale, as they come in their original AMD tubes. You will receive a cut length of tube containing the quantity ordered.

If this is a part you need please ensure the part no. and package style (8 pin DIL) tally with your requirements.

These are new and genuine AMD parts date coded in the 90’s for datasheet copy and paste..

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