Augat Turned Pin Wire Wrap IC Socket 20 Way 0.3inch Pin Width MBL5-14D


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Augat solid frame design with 2 screw holes if required 

Totally gold plated contacts to ensure a fault free connection

Used to mount 0.3 inch pin width range of DIL chips – TTL. CMOS, Timers, RAM etc. 

Low profile turned pin precision contact DIL sockets

Standard 0.1″ (2.54mm) pin pitch and spacing to suit 0.3″ width chips.

Please note the pins on these sockets are the square profile 10mm long wire wrap type usually used mounted through hole on a PCB and requiring a wire wrapping tool to efficiently connect fine single core wire to the long wire wrap pins.

As used in high end electronic assembly eg. the avionic and aerospace industries.

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