B250C 2300/1500 AC Bridge Rectifier 250V 1.5A 4 Pin In Line OMB2-02A1


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BRIDGE RECTIFIER 250V-1.5A (B250C-2300-1500)

The Bridge Rectifier converts an Alternating Current (AC) input into a Direct Current (DC) output for full-wave rectification applications. The diode arrangement provides the same polarity of output for either polarity of input. A three-phase full-wave rectifier is an arrangement of six diodes in a bridge circuit configuration. The packages are designed for minimal size, highest reliability and maximum thermal performance.

Product Details

SIL PCB Mounting

Solder contact pins for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) through-hole mounting
High surge current capability
Isolating voltage 1500Vrms


  • Type number: B250-C2300/1500
  • Ifsm (peak current): 50A
  • Vf (forward voltage): 1V
  • Vrrm (reverse voltage): 250V max.
  • Ir (reverse current): 20µA
  • Io (rectified current): 1.5A max.

These came to us from a large ‘milspec’ type Co. they have been in storage for some time we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’  

For datasheet SEARCH… B250C 2300/1500

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