Blockmaster PCB Screwless Lever Terminal Blocks 10A 250V 2-20 Way 2 Pieces EB90


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Quantity 2 Pieces

Terminal Blocks

Type HA521 10A 250V 

PCB Mount Screwless Type

Range: 2 – 20 way – just select from drop down box
Methode Ref: METSE – 02   for 2 way, 03 for 3 Way, 04 for 4 way etc.

Don’t forget once you have selected the number of ways you require the price is for 2 Pieces.

For use with Vero board or PCB (5mm Pitch)

*Easy to use lever for locking and release of wire
*Single moulding up to 20 positions
*Green with white lever
*Thumb or finger operation lever style
*Lever saves time during installation


Pitch between pins: 5mm

Electrical Current: 10A @ 250V 

Wire range: 18 to 22 AWG 

Pin dimension: 1.15mm x 0.65mm 

Withstanding voltage:  500MW (500V DC)

Operating temp: -30C to +85C 

Stripping length: 10mm 

PCB holes: min 1.3mm 

PCB thickness: max 2.4mm 


Housing: Thermoplastic (UL94V-0) 

Terminal: Brass, Tin plated 

Lever: Thermoplastic (UL94V-0) 

Colors available: Green with white lever


These terminal blocks are designed to be soldered to vero board or a PCB and used with bared copper wires, connection is achieved by inserting the wire and pulling down the corresponding lever which will snap down on the wire. One’s thumb, finger or a fine screwdriver or similar implement can be used to operate the levers causing inserted wires to be gripped or released enabling quick and easy, temporary or permanent connection.

Various sizes are available. 

They are physically moulded together in the number of ways selected, that is to say a 2 way strip has 2 terminals moulded together a 3 has 3 etc. etc. However each individual terminal in the strip is electrically separate from the next, the idea is that the strip is soldered on to the vero board or PCB and then a speedy connection can be made to each terminal by inserting a separate bared wire and pulling down the white lever to make each individual connection.

Thumb/Finger grip levers – pull down to lock on wire, lift to release
Single moulding containing 2 to 20 electrically separate positions 
Green with white lever 
Lever action saves time during installation


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