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BT Plug to 2 Socket Adaptor/splitter turns a single BT socket into a double.

Ideal if you wish to split an existing BT single socket, so you keep your original telephone where it is but also allows the use of an extension to another room etc.

  • BT Adapter Plug: Splits one socket into 2. The universal fit plugs directly into any standard BT wall plug, giving you the additional BT port you need around your home or business.
  • Works with all brands of phones and devices. Use for corded phones, answering machine, dial-up modem or any other telephone device fitted with a BT plug. Sturdy, T-shaped design plugs straight into your standard BT wall socket.
  • Stay Connected: No unplugging when you need another device plugged in, the extra socket offers you convenience and a clear, reliable connection with no drop-outs or failed calls.
  • Easy to Use: No other adapters, cables, cords, or fitting required. This UK telephone splitter keeps you connected, whether you are networking your house, school, public building or business.
  • Durable: Built from sturdy, moulded plastic for secure connection. White. Works with British landline phones.


This is a 4 wire 431A UK BT Telephone Line Splitter.

Featuring BS 6312 431A plug and 2 sockets, colloquially a British Telecom 4-wire male plug to 2 socket adaptor.

This is a high quality splitter white in colour which allows another telephone or other equipment to be situated away from your original BT telephone socket.

High specification, designed for maximum signal transfer, clear voice integrity and optimum performance.

This is a brand new excellent quality BT plug to 2 sockets adaptor suitable for any standard UK telephone socket. 

Unobtrusive design, note the bevelled upper edge of the unit.



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