Chip Coolers Inc. CPU Fan 40mm x 10mm 12VDC 0.9W on screw in heat sink OL0346


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Chip Coolers Inc. Mini Cooling Fan 40 x 40mm x 10mm 12VDC 0.9W  

On round threaded screw in heat sink

Screw in part has a 38mm diameter and is approx. 5mm deep

Heat sink is approx 52mm diameter and 6mm deep. 

These were intended to be screwed in to place originally but the base of the heatsink is flat so it could be simply affixed (using adhesive or some kind of clip) to any chip or flat surface that needs local cooling. 

Alternatively the fan can be unscrewed and the heatsink discarded if not required.

300mm red and black wire is piggy backed into a 4 pin Molex plug to socket adapter lead approx 100mm long (these plugs are commonly used on older computer internal power supplies to power hard drives, DVD drives etc).

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