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Aiming at the Compactness and High Function

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New and boxed!

The PLC-CPU-CM2-BP series is ideal for small applications requiring high processing speeds. The 

CPU runs up to 200 ns/step and comes with the ability to connect up to 128 I/O expansion modules. 

Built-in power, communication, and I/O points eliminate the need for any external units, simplifying 

the set up process. The PLC-CPU-CM2-BP unit is available with 1 or 2 RS232C channels, 1 or 2 

RS422/485 channels, and the option of Ethernet. This CPU also provides the option of adding up to 

2 additional analog blocks. Choose between an all digital I/O and all analog I/O. Additional features 

include password protection for software infringement prevention, and self-diagnosis to detect errors 

in Flash Memory, CPU or DRAM.

Processor Speed: 200ns/Step

• 8K Steps of Program Memory

• Suitable for Small Scale Control

• Built-in Communication Options

1 or 2 RS232C Channels

1 or 2 RS422/485 Channels

• Ethernet

• Up to 2 Analog Blocks Can be Added (8 Channels)

• Built-in High-Speed Counter

• Up to 3 Expansion Blocks Can be Added (

New and boxed.

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