Citec 470 Trimming Potentiometer 200Ohm 500mW 5 Pieces MBF012L-200


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Please note the photographs are to illustrate the 470 series

you are purchasing 200 Ohm value potentiometers here!

5 pieces 

Trimming potentiometer Sealed Radial mount

Key Features
■ Stable High Resolution Cermet Element
■ 0.5 Watt Rating at 85°C
■ Space-Saving Device
■ Proven Reliability
■ -55°C to +125°C Temperature Range
■ Sealed to Withstand Wave Soldering
■ Sealed to Withstand Immersion Cleaning

Power rating:   500mw 

Resistance tolerance:   ± 10%

Series:   470

Operating temperature range:   -55°c to +150°c

Resistor element material:   cermet

Thickness:   4.5mm

Length:   11mm

Diameter   6.25mm

Color:   White/Silver

Mounting Type:   Through Hole

Packaging:   Tube

Termination Style:   3 Leaded PCB through hole

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