Copartner High Quality USB 2.0 A to B Lead With Moulded Ferrite Filter OM0810


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High Quality USB 2 Lead with A to B plugs and an integral moulded ferrite filter

To give trouble free connection between computer and peripheral, –  monitor, printer etc

1.8metre long

Colour Black

Copartner cable marked LL84201 and E119932

CSA AWM 2835 A/B 60’C 30V FT1

USB Revision 2.0

These were originally supplied for use with a high specification touch screen monitor and as such are super fast and interference protected.

To give you an idea of their quality we have included the specifications of the monitor:-

Technical Specifications of the touch screen:

Display:  15.0″ diagonal

Aspect Ratio:  4:3

Colors:  16.7 million

Response Time:  12 msec

Native Resolution:  1024 x 768 at 60 Hz

Other Supported Resolutions:  1024 x 768 at 60, 65, 70 or 75 Hz
832 x 624 at 75 Hz
800 x 600 at 56, 60, 72 or 75 Hz
720 x 400 at 70 Hz
720 x 350 at 70 Hz
640 x 480 at 60, 66 Hz (Mac), 72 or 75 Hz 

The leads are in brand new condition 
These are a a standard USB lead as used to connect a wide variety of peripheral devices to computers

They came to us as surplus stock from a ‘hi end’ computer supply Co. 

Please ensure you require type A (computer end) to type B (printer or other peripheral end).   

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