Dallas 2188AS T1/CEPT Jitter Attenuator 16 Pin SOIC 1 piece OMA021


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T1/CEPT Jitter Attenuator Chip 

16 Pin SOIC

Please note this chip comes in 16 pin DIP and SOIC – this is the 16 pin SOIC type 

Part no. DS2188S 

1 piece


 The DS2188 T1/CEPT Jitter Attenuator Chip contains a 128 X 2-bit buffer which, in conjunction with an external 4X crystal, is used to attenuate the incoming jitter present in clock and data. 

The device meets all of the latest applicable specifications including those outlined in TR 62411 (Accunet* T1.5 Service Description and Interface Specifications, December 1990), TR-TSY-000170 (Digital Cross-Connect System Requirements and Objectives, November 1985), and the CCITT Recommendations G.735 and G.742. 

The DS2188 is compatible with the DS2180A T1/ISDN Primary Rate Transceiver and DS2181A CEPT Transceiver and is the companion to the DS2187 T1/CEPT Receive Line Interface and DS2186 T1/CEPT Transmit Line Interface. 

It can also be used in conjunction with the DS2190 T1 Network Interface Unit. 

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These are new Dallas parts taped and reeled, date coded in the 90’s For datasheet copy and paste: http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/58586/DALLAS/DS2188.html

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