DEI England 10M54694LL65 65 MK31 Edge Connector 65 Way 0.1in MBD017C


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65 Way Gold Plated Edge Connector

0.1″ Pitch (gap between contacts along length)

At rear of connector 130 square profile, straight through, PCB mount, solder type gold plated pins 3mm long 

Each of the 65 PCB card edge connection slots has a top and bottom sprung gold plated contact

To suit  double sided gold plated edge connectors on a PCB

65 top and bottom entry points connected to 130 pins at the rear

Overall length 166mm

These are designed to receive 2 PCB double sided edge connectors 1 of 35 way and the other of 30 way they have a blanked space between them.

Length of slots into which PCB’s would fit: 35way – 87mm 30 way – 77mm

It may be possible to separate the 2 connector sections by cutting through the blanked space. However the gap is only 1 connector section wide therefore a fine cut would be required.

Date Coded 8523

These came to us as part of a surplus lot of components from a large ‘milspec’ type Co. 

They have been in storage for many years we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’ 

Stored with us still in their original packaging, they are as new and will work perfectly, you will receive your order properly re-packaged so that the connector pins etc are protected. 

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