Delta Fan Unit FFB0612SHE 12V 0.83A 60x60x38mm & Airflow Divert Bracket OL0357


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Delta 12VDC Brushless Fan

Type FFB0612SHE with airflow diverting bracket and flaps

Inside the bracket and flaps housing

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43.44 CFM @ 7000 RPM,

 50.5 dBA, 6.60 watts,

 .55 amps, 12v DC, 

Fan has 3 wires Red, Blue and Black
Comes fitted with 90mm lead and a 4 way molex connector housing (only 3 pins used)
Various approval stamps RU, SA, etc.

 12 VDC 0.83A cooling fan, by Delta. 

The fan has been housed in a plastic assembly which has two hinged flaps which divert the airflow output.

If  unhindered airflow is straight through the fan pushing air in a direction at 90′ to the position of the fan, if left in place then these flaps divert the flow to something like 70′.

If not required the fan is easily removed from the housing which can be discarded.

These came to us stored loosely in a tote container as they are not in their original packaging we have classed them as new other, they look new and unused.

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