Diptronics DTSA-6 Tactile Switch R/A Mount 6mm N/O Long Button 10 Pieces OM0779


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Diptronics Tactile Switch

DTSA-6 Series

10 pieces

Right angle mount tactile switch 2 pin 

PCB mount

Single pole normally open (N/O) push to make 

  Dimensions 6 x 6mm with a long actuator button (5.5mm) which points out at 90′ once the switch is mounted

The switch has 2 connection pins either side of the approx 6mm x 6mm body, there are 2 further solder points on the metal bracket for stability. 

The button sits approx 4.3mm above the pcb surface and is a long (5.5mm) conical shape, the switch is encased in a metal bracket, to enable it to be mounted so that it is operated in a vertical position, if a horizontal position is required this bracket can be removed. 

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