Elantec 2073CS 200MHz Unity-Gain Stable Operational Amplifier 8pin SOIC OMA040


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200MHz Unity-Gain Stable Operational Amplifier

8 Lead SOIC

General Description 

The EL2073C is a precision voltage-feedback amplifier featuring a 200MHz gain-bandwidth product, fast settling time, excellent differential gain and differential phase performance, and a minimum of 50mA output current drive over temperature. 

The EL2073C is unity-gain stable with a -3dB bandwidth of 400MHz.

 It has a very low 200µV of input offset voltage, only 2µA of input bias current, and a fully symmetrical differential input. 

Like all voltagefeedback operational amplifiers, the EL2073C allows the use of reactive or non-linear components in the feedback loop. 

This combination of speed and versatility makes the EL2073C the ideal choice for all op-amp applications requiring high speed and precision, including active filters, integrators, sample-and-holds, and log amps. 

The low distortion, high output current, and fast settling makes the EL2073C an ideal amplifier for signal-processing and digitizing systems. 

For datasheet copy and paste:- http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/59875/ELANTEC/EL2073CS.html

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