EOS VLT100-4063 S50 Power Supply 3.3V 6A,10.5V 2A,12.2V 1.7A, -28.8V 1.7A MBA007


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Quality Power Supply by EOS

EOS brand VLT100 family of power supplies offer a full 100-watts convection cooling, 6.7W per cu.
inch power density and ultra high efficiency at over 85%.
Fitted in a slim line 5.0” x3.04”x1.073” package the VLT100 is the ideal AC/DC power solution for
data networking, industrial and multimedia applications.

Input – 100v -240V 2.2A 50-60Hz

Outputs –
1)Pin 1-4 3.3V at 6A
2)Pin 9-10 5.1V at 2A
3)Pin11 12.2V at 1.7A
4)Pin 12  -28.8V at 1.7A
Pin 1 Ground Pin 5-8 Ground

Pin 2 PF

These are incredible little power supplies that can put out 80W of power WITHOUT A FAN!! 

Their output is very stable and linear.

Marketed in the UK by X.P. PLC. their model no. ERS 100-4063S50. These power supplies were intended for use in embedded computer applications and were made to the highest quality.

Dimensions are 128mm x 77mm x 28mm


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