ERO MKT1822 1uf 100V Met Poly Film Capacitor 4 pieces OL0535


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Vishay Roederstein ERO MKT1822
Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors 
MKT Radial Type 
0.1uf 100V
4 Pieces
For datasheet click :-       here
 Blocking, bypassing, filtering, timing, coupling and
decoupling circuits, interference suppression in low voltage
• Self-healing properties
• Flame retardant case
7.5m (W)x 13.5mm (H) x 18mm (L)
Lead Spacing 15mm
Review of this type:
“I’ve been into audio for 11 plus years and I have heard dozens of capacitors. Everything from military specd, to audiophile grade. Ranging in price from just a few pennies to hundreds of dollars.


And the best capacitors that I have ever heard are Vishay. These are made in Germany by Vishay Roederstein to be exact, model number MKT 1822. They were previously know as the ERO capacitors. The MKT1822 is a box style timing capacitor, made out of metalized polyester.”



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