Euro 2 Pin Battery Charger/Adapter 5.3Vdc 140mA Output MBH028


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Battery charger/adapter

Made in Hong Kong

Output- 5.3VDC 140mA via 3.5mm diameter power jack plug

Input:  220Vac 50 Hz via Euro mains 2 Pin Plug.

Adapter is Linear (Transformer) Style.

Originally designed to charge a pack of 4 x 1.2V Ni Cd or Ni Mh batteries (incorporated in a small domestic appliance) but if you need a DC supply of around 5V these will do the job, but remember they have a 3.5mm mono jack plug!

We have described them as ‘new other’ as they come to us loosely packed from the UK based appliance manufacturing Co. that originally used them, – they may have the odd cosmetic mark.

This does not affect their function in any way, all are tested prior to shipment.

Buyers please confirm this power supply will be suitable for their needs before purchase ie output Voltage and Amperage and of course the size of the output jack plug.

Unusually these have a 3.5mm power jack with one black band to insulate live and negative, these are more commonly used as a mono jack plug for audio use.

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