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Fairchild UA 2240PC  Programmable Timer Counte Integrated Circuit 16 DIL 1984 Date Code  
1 pieceDescriptionThe uA2240PC consists of a time-base oscillator, an 8-bit counter, a control flip-flop, and a voltage regulator. The frequency of the time-base oscillator is set by the time constant of an external resistor and capacitor at R/C and can be synchronized or modulated by signals applied to the modulation input. The output of the time-base section is applied directly to the input of the counter section and also appears at (TIME BASE). TIME BASE may be used to monitor the frequency of the oscillator, to provide an output pulse to other circuitry, or (with the time-base section disabled) to drive the counter input from an external source. The counter input is activated on a negative-going transition. The reset input stops the time-base oscillator and sets each binary output, Q0–Q7, and the time-base output to a TTL high level. After resetting, the trigger input starts the oscillator and all Q outputs go low. Once triggered, the uA2240PC will ignore any signals at the trigger input until it is reset. The uA2240PC timer/counter may be operated in the free-running mode or with output-signal feedback to the reset input for automatic reset. Two or more binary outputs may be connected together to generate complex pulse patterns, or each output may be used separately to provide eight output frequencies. Using two circuits in cascade can provide precise time delays of up to three years. The uA2240PC is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.
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For datasheet on Texas equivalent UA2240C copy and paste:-https://www.digchip.com/datasheets/parts/datasheet/477/UA2240CN-pdf.php
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