Friwo FW7600U/05 UK Plug in Power Supply 5Vdc 650mA 3VA IP40 T40/E ROHS OL0541


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FRIWO PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY TypeFW7600U/05 Made in GermanyOutput: 5 Vdc  650mA 3VA

Input: 100-240Vdc 50-60Hz/100mA

 IP40  T40/E

Compact, lightweight, switched-mode plug-top 3VA supply with UK 3-pin 13A mains connector.

The output end has a moulded 2 way socket to receive any of 10

 polarity-reversible DC final plugs of varying sizes, these cover most applications.


An approximate description of the reversible DC plugs:

5 x 5mm barrel:-

2.5mm centre 1 long 1 short

2.1mm centre 1 long 1 med 1 short


3.5mm jack same as mono audio 1 off

2.5mm  ”      ”        ”          ”      ”     “


1 x 4mm barrel with 2mm centre

1 x 3mm barrel with 1.3mm centre

1 x 4mm barrel (large washer ring) 2mm centre   

Conforms to IEC60950 

Approvals: CE, FWGB etc. etc. 

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