General Instrument PIC 1655A-522 Micro Computer Chip Circa 1981 OM0077


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 General Instrument

 PIC 1655A-522


Micro Computer Chip

Developer General Instrument
Manufacturer General Instrument
Type microcontrollers

Production 1976-1987

Architecture 8-bit, Harvard

Word size 8 bit

Technology nMOS
Clock 200 kHz-1 MHz
Package DIP28

The GI PIC Series (Programmable Intelligent Computer Series) was a family of 8-bit microcontrollers first introduce in 1976 by General Instrument. This family is the direct ancestor of the modern Microchip PIC family.

Date coded 8146 these are in original tubes and in “as new” condition, they have been kept in storage by a large ‘Milspec type Co. before coming to us as part of a lot of surplus stock.

We have managed to find a datasheet for the G.I. PIC 1655A series….

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