Genuine Fujitsu CA01007-920 Laptop Adapter 19VDC 4.22A + UK power lead OL0682


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Genuine Fujitsu Laptop Adapter ADP-80NB A

P/N: CA01007-920

Made for Fujitsu by Delta Electronics these are a genuine Fujitsu adapter with all appropriate approvals and specifications given on the label. 

Input: 100-240V ~ 1A- 0.4A 50-60Hz

Input lead (mains 13A plug with 3A fuse to figure of 8 plug on 1.8m cable) included!

Output: 19VDC 4.22A


Output jack connector Type : 5.5mm outer  X 2.5mm inner diameter

The sturdily constructed output jack plug is set to a 90′ angle which keeps it neatly tucked in to the side of the laptop when plugged in, a feature which should help to ensure a long life – power jacks that protrude straight out are prone to damage, both to the plug and the internal socket.

These adapters were stored in test department they have been tested and have a PAT sticker but as far as we know never actually used.

As these came to us not in original packaging we are selling them as “new other” (though they look brand new)

100% no quibble guarantee

These adapters will suit a variety of machines see information below:-

Compatible Part Number:

FPCAC62WFujitsu ADP-40MH ADFujitsu ADP-60ZHFujitsu ADP-60ZH AFujitsu ADP-80NB AFujitsu ADP-90SBFujitsu ADP-90SB ADFujitsu CA01007-0890Fujitsu CA01007-0920Fujitsu CA01007-0930Fujitsu CA01007-0940Fujitsu CA01007-0960Fujitsu CP-293662-01Fujitsu CP145081-01Fujitsu CP268388-01Fujitsu CP277622-02Fujitsu CP281868-01Fujitsu CP281868-03Fujitsu CP293660-01Fujitsu CP293660-02Fujitsu CP293662-01Fujitsu CP293664-01Fujitsu CP311808-01Fujitsu FMV-AC312Fujitsu FMV-AC314Fujitsu FMV-AC315Fujitsu FMV-AC315SFujitsu FMV-AC316Fujitsu FMV-AC318Fujitsu FMV-AC319Fujitsu FMV-AC320Fujitsu FMV-AC320CFujitsu FMV-AC321Fujitsu FMV-AC321CFujitsu FMV-AC322Fujitsu FMV-AC325Fujitsu FMV-AC325AFujitsu FMV-AC325CFPCAC23ZFPCAC25FPCAC26FPCAC26APFPCAC26WFPCAC26ZFPCAC33FPCAC33APFPCAC33WFPCAC33YFPCAC34FPCAC34APFPCAC44FPCAC44APFPCAC44BFPCAC44WFPCAC46FPCAC46APFPCAC46WFPCAC48FPCAC48APFPCAC49FPCAC49APFPCAC51FPCAC51APFPCAC53FPCAC57FPCAC57APFPCAC62FPCAC66FPCAC66APFPCAC67Fits Laptop Models:S26113-E518-V55S26113-E519-V15S26113-E533-V15-01S26113-E545-V55-01S26123-E518-V55S26391-F2474-L500S26391-F2474-L600S26391-F321-L400S26391-F696-L200S26391-F740-L100S26391-F740-L110

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