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GENUINE Philips parts in SOP16 package

If you require GENUINE Philips parts look no further

See the photographs, the Philips logo is clearly visible and the chips photographed are from the same batch as the ones you will receive.

The HEF4042B is a 4-bit latch with four data inputs (D0 to
D3), four buffered latch outputs (O0 to O3), four buffered
complementary latch outputs (O0 to O3) and two common
enable inputs (E0 and E1). Information on D0 to D3 is
transferred to O0 to O3 while both E0 and E1 are in the
same state, either HIGH or LOW. O0 to O3 follow D0 to
D3 as long as both E0 and E1 remain in the same state.
When E0 and E1 are different, D0 to D3 do not affect O0 to
O3 and the information in the latch is stored.
O0 to O3 are always the complement of O0 to O3. The
exclusive-OR input structure allows the choice of either
polarity for E0 and E1. With one enable input HIGH, the
other enable input is active HIGH; with one enable input
LOW, the other enable input is active LOW.

Some examples of applications for the HEF4042B are:
• Buffer storage
• Holding register

Manufactured in the 90’s by Philips 

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co. They are stored with us still sealed in original packaging (unopened boxes and tubes) and are in pristine condition. However having been in storage for some years (date code 9331) we have classified them as ‘new other’.

As many of our lines come in to us as surplus – sometimes from high end ‘Milspec’ type manufacturers we try to pass on our savings to our customers – often selling industrial grade or military spec components at a fraction of their original cost.

 For Philips datasheet search … HEF4042BT


If you have similar items to this, or indeed any electronic components that are surplus to requirements please contact us with details, we are always keen to source new stock.



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