Grey Spiral Cable Gland M25 x 1.5 in Polyamide IP68 RU SA VDB Approved OM1079


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Grey Spiral Cable Gland

To seal to IP 68 (watertight), secure and support a flexible cable when entering a junction box or hand held equipment.

Size M25

Can be fitted to up to a 7mm thick panel

External Length / Height: 130mm. 33mm spanner req. to tighten

High Grade Gland VDE Approved

Unlike some cheaper glands available!

 in Polyamide 6 ( Halogen Free ) 

Sealed to IP68

 RU,SA,VDE, Approved DIN EN 50262

Protection Class: IP68 5 bar.
Permanent Temperature: -30C to +80C
Short Term Temperature: Up to +150C
Seal: TPV Rubber Seal

Cable Diameter Min – 9mm
Cable Diameter Max – 17mm

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