Hewlett Packard HPWR-M300 Super Flux Red LED 10 pieces OM0017B


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Hewlett Packard HPWR-M300 

10 Pieces

Super Flux Red LEDs

High brightness

Clear when unlit

Description This revolutionary package design allows the lighting designer to reduce the number of LEDs required and provide a more uniform and unique illuminated appearance than with existing LED solutions.

 This is possible through the package’s efficient optical design and high-current capabilities.

 The low profile package can be easily coupled to reflectors or lenses to efficiently distribute light and provide the desired illuminated appearance.


• Fewer LEDs Required

 • Lowers Total System Cost Features

 • High Flux Output • Designed for High Current Operation

 • Low Thermal Resistance • Low Profile 

• Meets SAE/ECE/JIS Automotive Color Requirements

 • Packaged in Tubes for Use with Automatic Pick and Place Equipment Applications

 • Automotive Exterior Lighting 

• Moving Message Panels

 • Small and Large Area Displays

 • Backlighting

The image in the listing header above shows the parts loose, and as they are packed ie. still in the original tubes.

You will receive a section of cut tube containing the quantity ordered.

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