HI-G 2K-5856 48Vdc Coil Relay 3500 Ohm DPDT OM0351G


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The leading relay design in military and commercial applications is represented in these Hi-G Italia 2K series relays. The products advanced design provides superior performance in the environmental and operational requirements of today’s sophisticated equipment. Volume production coupled ensure product consistency and the highest degree of the reliability. The following construction features ensure the highest reliability in extreme environments:
• All welded relay construction
• Cleaning and sealing techniques ensures maximum internal cleanliness
• Low level to 2 amperes switching
• 2 form C, DPDT contacts, special metal alloy with gold plating

• Frame, armature designs and force / mass ratio provides exceptional immunity to shock and vibration.


  • All Welded Relay Construction
  • Cleaning and Sealing Techniques Ensures Maximum Internal Cleanliness
  • Low Level to 2 Amperes Switching
  • Two Form C, DPDT Contacts, Special Metal Alloy with Gold Plating
  • Frame, Armature Designs and Force / Mass Ratio Provides Exceptional Immunity to Shock and Vibration
Series Type – 2K
  • 2 form C, DPDT
  • Environmental and Physical Specifications
  • Temperature (Ambient) – 65°C to + 125°C
  • Shock 100 g, 6 ms.
  • Vibration (sinusoidal) 20 g, 10 to 2000 Hz
  • Acceleration 50 g
  • Sealing All welded, Hermetic
  • Weight 0,35 oz. (10,0 grams) max.

These relays are now discontinued. They came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co. they were manufactured quite a few years ago, we have therefore listed them as ‘new other’, however they are stored with us still in original packaging and are in pristine condition.


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