IDT 54FCT827ATDB Fast CMOS 10-Bit Buffer Skinny 0.3 24CDIL Milspec OMS1-60


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The FCT827T is built using an advanced dual metal CMOS
The FCT827T/FCT2827T 10-bit bus drivers provide highperformance bus interface buffering for wide data/address
paths or buses carrying parity. The 10-bit buffers have NANDed output enables for maximum control flexibility.
All of the FCT827T high-performance interface family are
designed for high-capacitance load drive capability, while
providing low-capacitance bus loading at both inputs and
outputs. All inputs have clamp diodes to ground and all outputs
are designed for low-capacitance bus loading in high-impedance state.
The FCT2827T has balanced output drive with current
limiting resistors. This offers low ground bounce, minimal
undershoot and controlled output fall times-reducing the need
for external series terminating resistors. FCT2827T parts are
plug-in replacements for FCT827T parts

• Common features:
– Low input and output leakage ≤1µA (max.)
– CMOS power levels
– True TTL input and output compatibility
– VOH = 3.3V (typ.)
– VOL = 0.3V (typ.)
– Meets or exceeds JEDEC standard 18 specifications
– Product available in Radiation Tolerant and Radiation
Enhanced versions
– Military product compliant to MIL-STD-883, Class B
and DESC listed (dual marked)
– Available here in a 24CDIP

• Features for FCT827T:
– A, B, C and D speed grades
– High drive outputs (-15mA IOH, 48mA IOL)
• Features for FCT2827T:
– A, B and C speed grades
– Resistor outputs (-15mA IOH, 12mA IOL Com.)
(-12mA IOH, 12mA IOL Mil.)
– Reduced system switching noise


Title Information
Product Number: 54FCT827ATDB
Pkg. Description: CDIP 32.51×7.62×3.56 mm 2.54mm Pitch
Pkg. Code: SD24
Lead Count: 24
Length: 32.51 mm
Width: 7.62 mm
Thickness: 3.56 mm
Moisture Sensitivity Bake: 0
Moisture Exposure Floor Life: Unlimited@<30C/85%RH
Category: NP
Pb (Lead) Free: No

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large Milspec type OEM and have been kept in storage for some years, we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. They are however unused and in pristine condition and as with all our products come with a full guarantee. They are date coded 92

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