IMO 41-S02P240A-LF 12-28VDC Small Hi Pitch Door/Cabinet Alarm Sounder MBC021d


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IMO 41-S02P240A-LF 

Magnetic Sounder Alarm

Ideal as a small security sounder on a door or display cabinet the alarm is loud and shrill – immediately draws ones attention.


1 Piece

IMO part no. 41-S02P240A-LF


Outer diameter 28mm

Connection via solder posts at rear

When voltage applied a loud shrill continuous tone is emitted!

Operating Voltage 12-28VDC

Rated Voltage 24VDC

Max Rated current 25mA

Min sound O/P 95 dB/30cm

Frequency 2800Hz

Tone Single

Operating temperature -20 + 60’C

Weight 10g

Colour Black

Housing material ABS

Pin Pitch 14mm

Diameter 28mm

Height 20mm

Pin length 1 x 5mm 1 x 9mm, diam 0.8mm


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