IMO BC3P3 RT Mushroom Head Actuator Button Red New in box I206 MBA019b


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IMO Precision ControlsType BC3P3 RT Mushroom Head Actuator Button Red New in box of 10 but we are selling them individually. I206For use with several IMO control boxes, the red central section of the button unit drops and locks on pressing down, causing the actuating part of the button to protrude approx. 3mm from the bottom of the opaque base unit, an anti clockwise twist is required to release it and return it. The picture shows the button in the ‘up’ position.The opaque base unit of the switch is twist locked into place, twisting it allows it to be removed, the button can then be fitted into a 22mm hole, the base unit can then be twist locked back into place and the black ring nut tightened to secure the button to a panel.
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