Imo C4/63R-32 Thermal Magnetic Motor Circuit Breaker 22-32A Magn. 416A MBB002d


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Imo C4/63R-32 

IMO Motor Circuit Breakers

Effective protection of 3-phase motors against over currents and short circuits while minimising false tripping is a challenging application. IMO’s C4 range of Motor Circuit Breakers are tailor made for this task, featuring a range of features to maximise protection while reducing unnecessary down-time. Based on combined thermal / electro-magnetic technologies, overcurrent protection can be precisely set to the required current draw, while the electromagnetically activated short circuit protection is preset at 13 x the nominal current, avoiding false trips at startup due to current inrush. 
Inbuilt phase failure protection provides additional protection from overheating and resultant damage, while an extensive range of accessories includes under voltage or shunt trip modules, signalling and alarm contacts and installation products such as busbar, combination mounting kits and door-interlock adaptors. All devices may be mounted on 35mm DIN rail. 

IMO Motor Circuit Breakers Benefits
  • Specifically designed for protecting motors from overcurrents (0.1-100A) and short circuits
  • Ultimate breaking capacity of up to 100kA, protecting against any likely short circuit fault
  • Wide range of add-on accessories for additional functionality and ease of installation
  • Approval certifications including cULus Listing to UL508 (Motor Controllers, Manual)

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