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IMO GM7 Series

AC100/240V Power supply

DC24V Input 36 points

Transistor Ouput 24 points

G7M series features
(1) Design on the basis of international standard specifications (IEC61131-3)
Easy programming device support
Language in compliance with IEC61131-3 are given (IL / LD / SFC)
(2) Open network by us of communications protocol in compliance with international standard specifications.
(3) High speed processing with an operation-dedicated processor included.
(4) Various special modules that enlarge the range of application of the PLC
2) GM7 series is extremely compact, to fit a wide range of applications.

(1) High speed processing
High speed processing of 0.5µs/step with an operation-dedicated processor included.
(2) Various built-in functions
The base unit can perform many functions without using separate modules.
It is possible to construct various systems just using the base unit.
• Fast Processing Applications
-Pulse catch: Allows the base unit to read 4 inputs, each having a pulse width as small as 0.2ms
-High speed counter: Support high-speed counting up to 1 phase 16kHz, 2 phase 8kHz.
-External interrupts : Using in applications that have a high-priority event which requires immediate responses.
• The input filter function help reduce the possibility of false input conditions from external noise, such as signal
chattering. The filter time can be programmed from 0 to 15 ms.
• Using built-in pulse output without separate positioning module, it can control stepping motor or servo motor.
• Using RS-232C built-in port, it can connect with external devices, such as computers or monitoring devices and
communicate 1:1 with GM7 or GM6 system.
• Using RS-485 built-in port, it can connect with external devices, such as computers or monitoring devices and
communicate 1:N with GM7 or GM6 system. (10-point base unit only)
• It has PID control function with which it can easily constitute a system without separate module.
(3) It can easily do On/Off of the system, using RUN/STOP switch.
(4) It can constitute various system, using separate Cnet I/F module. (10-points main unit can not
(5) It can easily save the user program by simple manipulation in GMWIN.
(6) Strong self-diagnostic functions
It can detect the cause of errors with more detailed error codes.
(7) It can prevent unintentional reading and writing, using password.
(8) Restart mode setting function
It has cold and warm mode that it can be set for the convenience of the users.

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