IMO iSafe ISA2 L3080-PPA Type 2 Safety Curtains Comes as a Pair New OM951a


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IMO iSafe ISA2 L3080-PPA Type 2
Safety Light Curtains with infrared beams. The item comes as a pair (emitter and receiver).
Optoelectronic multibeam devices that are used to protect working areas that, in presence of machines, robots and automatic systems in general, can become dangerous for operators that can get in touch, even accidentally, with moving parts.
As soon as an opaque object passes through the beams a signal can be sent.

Power Supply:  24VDC

Response Time: 14ms

Protection: IP65Resolution: 415mm

Power Cons: 5W Max

Range: 0.5 50m

Version:  1.9.0

These were sourced through surplus electronics so we cannot test the device nor make any guarantees about their functionality or suitability to a specific application. They are sold as seen.

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