IMO QX3/AO-1A Photo Electric Switch Block Diffuse Reflection Cable 2m MBJ3-05


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Aiming at the Compactness and High Function

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Photo Electric Switch Block, Diffuse Reflection

300 mm diffuse reflection 

 Normally open, (NO) 

With axial optics

With 2m (6.5ft) axial cable

Photos show exactly what parts are included.

Miniature high performance photoelectric sensor 10.8-30VDC 300mA

❚ Small dimensions (15x22x40mm miniature housing)

❚ Sensitivity adjustment

❚ Two LEDs indicating threshold and signal margin

NPN/PNP selectable


Please note the application of this product requires a high degree of technical know-how , only qualified personnel should attempt to install and apply this product.

For full data sheet on the IMO QX series photo electric switch range click:-   here 



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