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Extremely compact universal emergency stop relay. Designed to be
used in safety-circuits in accordance with EN60204-1
❚ Operating voltage 24VDC to 230VAC
❚ Compact housing 22.5mm
❚ Self monitoring with redundancy
❚ One or two channel emergency stop circuit
❚ Safety category 1 and stop category 0
❚ Conforms to EN60204-1, VDE0113-1, EN954-1

The IMO SRLC is the preferred emergency stop relay for all environments
where there is only the chance of slight injury or where access to the danger
zone is negligible. The actuation results in the disconnection of the supply
voltage. Internal error monitoring is done by the reconnection via the ON-key.
The IMO SRLC is equipped with force-guided and redundant relays (two safety
relay contacts) enabling the SRLC interrupt quickly and safely the dangerous
parts of the machine.
Additionally each ON/OFF cycle ensures an automatic functional monitoring,
which ensures that if a safety circuit failure occurs NO switching ON is
possible (self-monitoring).
The SRLC satisfies stop category 0 EN60204-1 and type 1 safety-category of


Operating voltage 24VDC, 115, 230VAC
Voltage tolerance ±10%
Power consumption Approx 1VA
Control voltage on T11 24VDC
Control current Approx 40mA
Contacts 2 n/o safety-contacts
Maximum, switching voltage 250VAC
Switching capacity of contacts AC: 250V, 1500VA, 6A, DC: 24V, 30W, 1.25A
Minimum current (contacts) 24V, 20mA
Fuse external (contacts) 4A quick blow
Terminals Screw, maximum 2.5mm2
Contact material AgCdo
Mechanical life 1 x 10 (7) switching operations
Electrical service life 1 x 10 (5) switching operations
Temperature range -15 to +40˚C
Conforms to VDE0113, part 1/06.93, EN60204-1:1992 EN954-1:1996

Comes with a technical information sheet in the box.

For datasheet search…  IMO SRLC

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