IMO SRNH50-1CN-SL 12VDC Coil Auto/Relay 50A SPCO ROHS I37 MBC007d


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IMO Automotive Relay

 Part no. SRNH50-1CN-SL-12VDC

Coil 12vdc

IMO Automotive Relay, Plug-in
SPCO, 50A, 24VDC, AgNi contact material,
Sealed, RoHS, 50mOhm@1A 12VDC

Automotive Relay SRN … series for full datasheet go to:- 

50A  switching Capability

Ambient temp up to 125˚C

 SPCO Contact Arrangement

Sealed and Covered structure

 Please note you are buying 1 only here, picture shows 2 to display printed labelling and contact terminals. 

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