Johanson 8052 Piston Air Trimming Variable Capacitor 0.8 to 10pF 250V MBL5-11


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Johanson 8052 
Piston Air Trimmer Variable Capacitor 0.8pF to 10pF 250V Capacitor terminals – SMD Surface Mount Device

Top screwdriver slot adjustment

Operating temp. Min  -65′ to Max 125’C

Capacitor dielectric material  – Air

Torque: 1 to 5 oz. 

5200 Type

Q @ Freq:  5000 @ 100MHz

Size / Dimension:  0.295″ Dia (7.49mm)

Range: 0.8-10pf  >7 turns

Min. Q @ 100 MHz: 5000

Voltage: 250vdc

Size:  0.57 long x 0.28 diameter

Vertical mount

MFR: Johanson

Limited Quantity Available, New Old Stock

Product Overview

The 8052 is an Air Trimmer Capacitor it is designed specifically for VHF through microwave and have become the industry standard of excellence. High Q and temperature stability are a result of proper attention to geometry and choice of optimum materials. The heart of this trimmer is the one piece self-locking constant drive mechanism . This mechanism utilises transverse slots to create a spring effect between two threaded sections resulting in substantial contact areas which insure uniform torque, high 4 and low dynamic tuning noise.

Long rotational life>10⁶MΩ Insulation resistance


RF Communications, Industrial.

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