Johnson 64370 Hi Speed/Torque Motor Input 3/4.8/6/7.2/9 and 12Vdc OM0359


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Johnson Electric 

Multi input high speed DC motor Type no.  64370

Johnson Electric, the world leader in micro motors, offers custom engineering solutions based on a wide range of low voltage DC and high voltage DC motor platforms. The low voltage DC platform provides power density and compact packaging options.

This is a high power ‘600’ type motor (36mm diameter body, 3.17mm shaft, slightly longer than ‘550’ type motors) suitable for operation at between 3V and 12V DC. The motors are usually found in cordless drills running at a nominal 9.6V but operation at 12V is possible so long as the load and duty cycle are not too high. The motors will draw a high current and so you should ensure that the power source and control hardware that you are using can withstand this.

This motor was designed to run on a variety of DC Voltage/Ampage inputs, as the input increases so does the speed.

Made by the highly regarded Johnson Electric Co. these are a high quality, high speed/torque motor, originally manufactured for use in a rechargeable electric drill.

Product Description

As with any DC permanent magnet motor this motor will exhibit different characteristics depending upon the voltage (and current) applied to it. To change the rotation direction swap the polarity of the current to the motor tabs. The copper motor tabs are 4.8mm wide male spade connectors, which are easy to fit 4.8mm female spade connectors to or to solder on to. 

The motor features a built-in cooling fan, which due to the high power output of the motor is essential for cooling (and so the two air vents should not be covered). Do not allow the motor to stall as it is likely to overheat quickly.

Technical Details

Approximate motor performance at no-load:

4.8V – 1.4A – 9200 RPM

6V – 1.5A – 11,500 RPM

7.2V – 1.7A – 13,800 RPM

9V – 1.9A – 17250 RPM

12V – 2.3A – 23,000 RPM

Be aware that the motor is capable of high torque output but the current can easily exceed 40A-50A under load and could hit 80A if stalled at 12V. Ensure that stall situations are prevented by using either a fuse or current limiter in series with the motor.

Motor Characteristics
Diameter : 36 mm
Length : 65 mm
Shaft Diameter : 3.175 mm Length : 11.5mm

Weight : 261 g
Nominal Voltage : 6 V
Torque Constant : 3.811 m-Nm/A
Dynamic Resistance : 0.072 Ohms
Motor Regulations : 47.045 Rpm/m-Nm
Pole Number : 3
Operation Temperature : -10 — 50ºC
Storage Temperature : -20 — 100ºC
Mounting : Any position
Winding Temperature (Tmax) : 180 ºC
Direction of Rotation : CW
Standards : RoHS
Remarks : Capacitor

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