Magnetic Devices Ltd 674/TS23194/3 Solenoid 115VAC 60'C Duty Cont 24VA OM0944


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 Magnetic Devices Ltd 

Solenoid 115VAC 60’C

Duty Cont 24VA

Pt no. 674/TS23194/3

D-Frame solenoid utilizes a 4-sided closed steel leaf frame 41mm x 38mm x 16mm 

T Piston total length 50mm and 17mm protruding from coil housing when resting.

Brand new and in original packaging these came to us from the stores of a ‘milspec’ type electronics Co.

Fully working parts though they may have picked up a little grime having been in storage for some years, (see photographs for general condition) we have therefore classified them as new other 

Can be screw fixed when mounted, threaded holes (4mm approx) are provided (but no screws), for both horizontal (as pictured) and vertical mounting

Made in England

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