Maintrab 6A Filter Transient Mains Spike/RFI Protection Computer/TV/Audio OM1148


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These genuine Maintrab filter units came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock. They have been in storage for some time we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’, these are the last 5 units they were held back as they may have the odd mark etc.

A UK style 3 pin mains filter 240 Volt  6 Amp.

British made by Maintrab Ltd.

Simply plug into any mains outlet and any devices then plugged into the unit will be protected against transient mains spikes, these can be caused by lightening strikes or just occur randomly.

Static discharge and switching of electrical loads within your building can also cause a problem, the energy resulting from all these events can easily destroy delicate electronic components and can cause mayhem to sensitive computer, audio, DVD, TV or other electronic equipment. 

This little unit offers protection against all these occurrences.  

It also features a warning light to indicate component failure should it be damaged by a lightening strike or severe mains spike, for continued protection it would then need to be replaced.

Also the unit incorporates an RFI (radio frequency interference) filter, RFI causes that annoying hum which can occur when 2 pieces of equipment are operated simultaneously, a neighbours radio or TV causing interference etc.

These units are well made, incorporating tried and tested components from an earlier time, they will provide a much higher level of protection than similar devices on the market today.

Comes complete with full technical specification sheet. 

Please note:- These devices are no longer manufactured this residual stock is all that’s remaining from the last production run several years ago, they may be a little dated looking, but are of good old fashioned British made quality.

Feedback comments we have received:- 

“Arrived next day. As hoped, stops treadmill knocking out modem. Awesome service!”

“As good as my 200 pound rfi hifi filter buy with confidence excellent service”

We Purchase Surplus Stock ?????

If you or your company has items similar to the above, or indeed any electronic components surplus to requirements, please contact us with details as we are keen to increase our stock profile.

As many of our lines come in to us as surplus – sometimes from high end ‘Milspec’ type manufacturers we try to pass on our savings to our customers – often selling industrial grade or military spec components at a fraction of their original cost.


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