Microswitch Push Button SPCO 2A 250V V4P MBE013E


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1 Piece

Sub-miniature Microswitch SPCO- single pole change over

Three solder terminals: 4.5mm tags with holes

1-Common, 2-Normally Closed, and 3-Normally Open

1 being common, 1 and 2 normally closed, 1 and 3 normally open

Pressing the button changes the connections over from 1 and 2 to 1 and 3

Service life:

Mechanical 10,000,000 operations

Electrical 100,000 operations rated load


Length 19.8mm

Height 9mm

Width 6mm

Weight 2.2g

Actuator differential 0.8mm, operating force 50g, release force 6g.

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