Milspec Chunky Domed Protective Rubber Feet 20x10mm 8 Pieces OM0666A


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A Pack of 8

Heavy duty moulded rubber feet, designed to be through hole fitted to…

  • Metal or plastic project boxes
  • Instrument/flight cases
  • Test gear
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Computer equipment etc. etc.

They are made from a resilient rubber to form a protective barrier between equipment and polished floors or other surfaces. Tough and flexible they also help provide some shock absorption and a stable non slip environment for delicate instruments/equipment.


20mm Diameter x 10mm Deep

Winged shaft 10mm diameter 6mm long

Colour Black.

The shaft of each foot has 4 ‘wings’ designed to secure it firmly into a 10mm hole.

The feet can be fitted to plastic, aluminium or mild steel panels from 1mm to 5mm thick.

Inserting them with a twisting action secures them in place, if possible try a few pilot holes in some waste panel, the smaller the better for a really snug fit, this will ensure a firm fix. If required an adhesive cement or epoxy could also be applied. 

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large Milspec type OEM and have been kept in storage for some years, we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. They are however unused and in pristine condition and as with all our products come with a full guarantee.


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