Motorola MC10231L High Speed Dual Type D Master-Slave Flip-Flop IC OM0111


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 Motorola MC10231L 

16 pin DIL ceramic ( mil spec) package

General Description/Product InformationHigh Speed Dual Type DMaster-Slave Flip-FlopThe MC10231 is a dual master–slave type D flip–flop.Asynchronous Set (S) and Reset (R) override Clock (CC) and ClockEnable (CE) inputs. Each flip–flop may be clocked separately byholding the common clock in the low state and using the enable inputsfor the clocking function. If the common clock is to be used to clockthe flip–flop, the Clock Enable inputs must be in the low state. In thiscase, the enable inputs perform the function of controlling thecommon clock.The output states of the flip–flop change on the positive transition ofthe clock. A change in the information present at the data (D) inputwill not affect the output information at any other time due tomaster–slave construction.
These are no longer available from Motorola, to view equivalent non ceramic part datasheet go to:-

Date coded 9812 these are in “as new” condition, they will function to their full original specification.


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