Motorola SN74LS241J Octal 3 State Buffer Milspec Ceramic DIP14 OM0020d


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Motorola SN74LS241J

Military Spec. Octal 3-STATE Buffer/Line Driver/Line Receiver

Ceramic 20 Pin Dip 

 1 Piece 


These SN74LS241 octal buffers and line drivers are designed specifically to improve both the performance and density of three-state memory address drivers, clock drivers, and bus-oriented receivers and transmitters. The designer has a choice of selected combinations of inverting and non-inverting outputs, symmetrical, active-low output-control (G) inputs, and complementary output-control (G and G) inputs. These devices feature high fan-out, improved fan-in, and 400-mV noise margin. The SN74LS241  can be used to drive terminated lines down to 133 Ω.


  • Inputs Tolerant Down to 2 V, Compatible With 3.3-V or 2.5-V Logic Inputs
  • Maximum tpd of 15 ns at 5 V
  • 3-State Outputs Drive Bus Lines or Buffer Memory Address Registers
  • PNP Inputs Reduce DC Loading
  • Hysteresis at Inputs Improves Noise Margins

Please note:- these Motorola parts are the military high specification ceramic type.
As they are date coded 1989 we have classed them as “new other” however they are unused and still in their original tubes, they will function up to their high military specification.

For  datasheet copy and paste:-


Technology Family             LS
VCC (Min) (V)                     4.5
VCC (Max) (V)                    5.5
Bits (#)                                  8
Voltage (Nom) (V)              5
F @ Nom Voltage (Max) (Mhz)     35
ICC @ Nom Voltage (Max) (mA)  0.046
tpd @ Nom Voltage (Max) (ns)      18
IOL (Max) (mA)                                 24   
IOH (Max) (mA)                                 -15
Schmitt Trigger                                    NO 
Rating                                               Military       
Operating Temperature Range (C)  -55 to 125 

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