Murata CSTLS2M00G53-A0 Resonator Ceramic 2 MHz 25 Ohm 0.5% 20 Pieces OM0928Q


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These are stored with us still in original Murata packaging see photographs

Radial Taping H0=18mm

Product Overview

The CSTLS2M00G53-A0 is a 2MHz CERALOCK® Ceramic Resonator with built-in load capacitors. It has been widely applied as the most suitable component for clock oscillators in a broad range of microprocessors. It can be used in the design of oscillation circuits not requiring external load capacitors, enabling both high-density mounting.
  • REACH compliant
  • 25R Maximum resonant impedance
  • 15pF Built-in load capacitance
  • Oscillation circuits do not require external load capacitors
  • Some variation in built-in capacitance values applicable to various IC
  • Stable over a wide temperature range
  • Compact, lightweight and exhibit superior shock resistance performance
  • Enable the design of oscillator circuits requiring no adjustment


Consumer Electronics, Industrial

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