Music Playing Unit For Greetings Card Deck the Halls Tune 12 Pieces OM1252DTH


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12 Pieces

Tune ‘Deck The Halls’

Fit this music unit and make sure your greetings card really makes an impression. These greetings card modules also offer students the opportunity to enhance their graphic designs with an electronics element. When mounted, the modules are activated by opening the card which moves an insulating section back and forth between a pair of switch contacts on the module
The modules are supplied mounted on a self-adhesive pad which is peeled from its backing paper and attached to the card
See the step by step instructions below.
The steps are:-
1) Lift and peel the tongue shaped end back from the non stick surface below
2) Pull the entire unite away keeping it lightly resting on your fingertips and discard the substrate
3) Adhere the unit to the greetings card with the tongue on one side of the ‘spine’ central fold and the rest of the unit on the other
4) Remove the small insulating strip (it may be a small length of a clear plastic straw or a piece of insulating plastic coated paper white/yellow)
5) The tune will now play when card opened and turn off when closed 

Powered by a single L736 button cell which is supplied ready fitted – these are ready to go!
Overall dimensions 90 x 38 x 5.5mm

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