Nais TQ2-L2-5V 2 Coil Latching PCB Signal Relay Low Profile DPDT OM0285a


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Nais TQ2-L2-5V Relay


DPDT  (Double pole double throw)

2 Coil Latching PCB Signal Relay Low Profile

A 1A 5V DC relay from the TQ series. Features a small, DIL type body with PCB terminals.

The device enjoys a high surge withstand voltage and has a 2 form C (DPCO) contact configuration and 2 coil latching design.

The reliability of the relay is enhanced by the use of gold-clad twin crossbar contacts.

The relay is suitable for high density mounting on PCBs and the DIL terminal array enables the use of IC sockets.

Typical applications for this relay include: communications equipment measurement devices, OA equipment and industrial machines.

  • Flat, compact body
  • 200mW Operating power
  • Outstanding surge resistance
  • High reliability contacts
  • Low thermal electromotive force
  • Sealed construction allows washing


Coil data
Coil voltage nom. (V DC) 5
Coil voltage max. allowable (V DC) 7.5
Operating current (mA) 40
Coil resistance (Ω) 125
Coil operating power (mW) 200


Contact data
Contact arrangement 2 form C (DPCO)
Initial contact resistance 50mΩ
Nominal switching capacity 1A 30V DC, 0.5A 125V AC
Switching power max. 30W, 62.5VA
Switching voltage max. 110V DC, 125V AC
Switching current max. 1A
Switching capacity min. 10µA 10mV DC
Operate/release time typ. 3ms
Insulation data
Initial insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ
Initial dielectric strength:
Between open contacts (V rms) 750 rms
Between contact and coil (V rms) 1000V rms
Between adjacent contacts (V rms) 1000V rms
Initial surge withstand voltage:
Between open contacts (V) 1500V
Mechanical data
Mechanical endurance 108 operations
Ambient temperature –40°C to +70°C
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 14 x 9 x 5mm
Weight 1.5g

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