National Semi LM320K-24V Neg Regulator Gold Over Steel TO3 MBD002B


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General Description
The LM320K-24 is a three-terminal negative regulator
with a fixed output voltage of -24V @ 3A. It
needs only one external component – a compensation capacitor at the output, making them easy to apply.
Worst case guarantees on output voltage deviation due to
any combination of line, load or temperature variation assure satisfactory system operation.
Exceptional effort has been made to make them immune to overload conditions. The regulators have
current limiting which is independent of temperature, combined with thermal overload protection. Internal current limiting protects against momentary faults while thermal shutdown prevents junction temperatures from exceeding safe
limits during prolonged overloads.
Although primarily intended for fixed output voltage applications, they may be programmed for higher output voltages with a simple resistive divider. The low quiescent drain current of the devices allows this technique to be
used with good regulation.
Preset output voltage error less than g3%
Preset current limit
Internal thermal shutdown
Operates with input-output voltage differential down to 1V
Excellent ripple rejection
Low temperature drift
Easily adjustable to higher output voltage 
Package: TO-3 (K)
Rated Power Dissipation: 20W
Design load current: 1.5A

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co. and have been kept in storage for many years (date coded 601) we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. They are however in good serviceable condition.

These are genuine NS vintage parts, please see the photographs they are of the actual parts you will receive! 

For datasheet search… LM320K-24

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