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General Description
The LM2904 series consists of two independent, high gain,
internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers
which were designed specifically to operate from a single
power supply over a wide range of voltages. Operation from
split power supplies is also possible and the low power
supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the
power supply voltage.
Application areas include transducer amplifiers, dc gain
blocks and all the conventional op amp circuits which now
can be more easily implemented in single power supply
systems. For example, the LM2904 series can be directly
operated off of the standard +5V power supply voltage which
is used in digital systems and will easily provide the required
interface electronics without requiring the additional ±15V
power supplies. 

Unique Characteristics
In In the linear mode the input common-mode voltage
range includes ground and the output voltage can also
swing to ground, even though operated from only a
single power supply voltage.
The unity gain cross frequency is temperature
The input bias current is also temperature compensated.


Two internally compensated op amps Eliminates need for dual supplies Allows direct sensing near GND and VOUT also goes to GND Compatible with all forms of logic Power drain suitable for battery operation

Internally frequency compensated for unity gain Large dc voltage gain: 100 dB Wide bandwidth (unity gain): 1 MHz temperature compensated) Wide power supply range:— Single supply: 3V to 32V— or dual supplies: ±1.5V to ±16V Very low supply current drain (500 µA) — essentially independent of supply voltage Low input offset voltage: 2 mV Input common-mode voltage range includes ground Differential input voltage range equal to the power supply voltage Large output voltage swing.

2 Channel
26 V
30 mA
7 mV
3 V
– 40 C
+ 85 C
250 nA
250 uA
No Shutdown
70 dB
Amplifier Type: High Gain Amplifier
Brand: National Semiconductor
Dual Supply Voltage: +/- 3 V, +/- 5 V, +/- 9 V, +/- 12 V
Height: 1.5 mm
Length: 5 mm
Maximum Dual Supply Voltage: +/- 13 V
Minimum Dual Supply Voltage: +/- 1.5 V
Operating Supply Voltage: 3 V to 26 V, +/- 1.5 V to +/- 13 V
Product: Operational Amplifiers
Product Type: Op Amps – Operational Amplifiers
PSRR – Power Supply Rejection Ratio: 50 dB
Subcategory: Amplifier ICs
Supply Type: Single, Dual
Technology: Bipolar
Voltage Gain dB: 100 dB
Width: 4 mm
Unit Weight: 230.400 mg

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